Our Trusted Service Providers

Our Trusted Service Providers

 Whatever questions or concerns you have and whatever help you need, my network of experts and trusted service providers is here for you. 


Our Expert Team of Professionals and Trusted Service Providers consist of:

Elder Law Attorney

Junk-Haul Away
Professional Organizers
Certified Appraiser’s
Estate Sale Specialists
Hazmat Haul Away
Moving Companies
Moving/Packing Assistance
Secure Shred Service
House Cleaning Services
Carpet/Hardwood Companies
Mortgage Specialist
Veterans Affairs Mortgage Specialist
Carpet Cleaners



Other items that need to be covered on the Transition Solutions website/web pages. These needs to be worded correctly

1)      Who has the right to sell a home? An adult child never has the right to sell a parents home without a parent’s consent. Unless there is a guardianship or specific power of attorney giving a family member(s) the right to sell the home, the senior’s home can not be sold without his/her consent. A home may not be marketed for sale unless there is a valid listing agreement signed by the owner or by a party given that power through a legally executed document. It is highly recommended that you contact an elder law attorney with any questions pertaining to whether a property can legally be sold.


4)      Who is eligible for a Veteran Loan? How many time can I use a VA loan and how do the fee’s change? Blog: elderly lady met with loan officer and found out because she is the widow of a Veteran, she is eligible for VA loan.

5)      Short sales – what if I owe more on the property than the home is worth? How do I know if I have a hardship? How can I avoid foreclosure? The bank keeps calling me telling me they’re going to foreclose. What can I do?