Emergency Moves and Difficult Transitions

Emergency Moves and Difficult Transitions

How Do I Sell a Home in an Emergency Situation?

In an emergency situation, planning and preparation for selling the home must begin soon, especially if the funds from the sale of the home will be used to finance new living accommodations. The first professional you need to talk with is Susan. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Susan has the resources and experience to address the need for a quick sale at the best possible price.

Determine Market Value. Susan will personally visit your home. After she has thoroughly viewed the property, she will prepare a custom report which will identify, in writing, how to best prepare your home for sale i.e., “projects that pay”. She will provide you two estimates; market value if the home is sold “AS-IS” as compared to market value if recommended repairs are made. Though an as-is sale isn't optimal, we understand it is sometimes the only option. It will be important to discuss and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of an as-is sale before your final decision is made. 

After you weigh your options, if you elect to make some or all of the recommended repairs, we can help you obtain repair estimates (from our trusted service providers or yours). Susan has built a trusted network of affordable and reliable service providers that take great care of our clients. Even if you decide your home will be sold “as-is”, minor projects such as paint and cleaning may bring a substantially higher offer. We’ll make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions. The tasks involved in getting a home ready for sale typically include: clean, organize, de-clutter, make repairs, low cost strategic updates, fresh paint and finally, staging.

And by the way, Susan does not benefit financially should you choose to hire a service provider she recommends. When she recommends a company it’s because they’re dependable, affordable, caring and efficient!

Downsizing Assistance. Most of us have a lot to sift through -furniture, kitchen accessories, clothes, hobbies, linens, important documents and everything else that we accumulate throughout our life-time. Susan often consults her clients on a variety of services that assist clients with downsizing belongings and organizing documents. We also have partnerships with a number of expert service providers such as estate sale specialists. 

Important Documentation. Prior to move-in to any care community, the administrators will request copies of your loved one’s advanced directives, power of attorney documents, and any other health directives. If these documents are already in place, now is a great time to review them with your loved one to ensure they are up to date and accurately reflect their wishes. If these documents are not in place, you must have them before move-in takes place. In fact, everyone, regardless of age, should have these documents. If you need assistance with these legal forms, we recommend you contact an elder law attorney. We can help you find an attorney local to Northern Virginia who specializes in senior matters or you can find a specialist on The Senior List Eldercare Directory, or visit the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney’s.

Legal Advice and Tax Questions. I'll gladly provide referrals for legal and tax advice. Call 703-216-2620 or send an email to SusanBorrelliHomes@gmail.com and I'll provide contact information promptly.   

Description of unique services you may not know are available

Organize, Sort and Declutter

Professional organizers provide advice, structure and hands-on help to guide you through the downsizing process. They help you separate items going with you from those you want to sell, donate, give to family or discard, so you save money on your move and reduce stress.

Pack, Unpack and Resettle

Moving company professionally pack all of your belongings, using digital photos and careful labeling to recreate the look and feel of your current home. They unpack, put away and resettle your new home. When they are done, your bed is made, your kitchen is set up, electronics are connected, and every carton and piece of packing paper is removed.

Sell Your Belongings
Arrange for the profitable sale of unneeded items through a network of appraisers, antiques dealers, and estate liquidators.

Coordinate Donations
Pack items for donation and coordinate pick up by local charities. A detailed list of donations is provided for your tax records, including IRS recommendations for value.

Paper Sorting
Professional organizers can help sort through papers, mail, medical bills, etc.

Securely shred confidential documents.

Arrange for disposal of any items left in your home and broom sweep the residence for turnover to the new owners.