You're thinking about selling your home and you wonder, in this [Seller's] market, do I need to put my best foot forward to sell my home? Even in a Seller's market the resounding answer is Yes. Here's why- you want your home to appeal to every ready, willing and able Buyer looking in your homes location and price range. You want them to feel excited when they see your home pop up on the market and you want them to feel compelled to view your home, in person, immediately. Serious Buyers know if they don't move quickly on a home that's in good condition, they may lose the opportunity. If your home is in good condition (and it meets the Buyers criteria relative to space, number of bedrooms etc...), they won't hesitate. You'll have many showings and that will put you in the best position to receive multiple offers in a short timeframe and to negotiate the best price and terms for your circumstances. 

Conversely, when a home does not appear to be in good condition, the home often sits on the market because Buyers hesitate. They don't feel pressed to see the home as quickly and they take longer to weigh making an offer. In the end, the cost to make improvements such as fresh paint and new carpet may cost you a lot less than the extra mortgage payment and lower offer you may receive should you elect not to put your best foot forward. 

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